• Dating Background Searches
  •   Basic Person Search
    This is the starting point to give us the information needed to find everything else. This serach returns information to continue your background search, like name, SSN, date of birth, address, and phone data.
  •   Email Search
    The Email Search, with reverse email address capabilities, provides associated emails for your subject.
  •   Address Summary
    This search give a brief address history and will tell you how long someone has been at thier current an address. It will also tell you who else lives at the address.
  •   Reverse Phone Search
    Results include: listing type (residence, business, or government), name and address. A good indicator if he is who he says he is.
  •   Marriage & Divorce Search
    Search returns information about marriages and divorces, including names, locations, and dates.
  •   Countywide Crimnal Records
    Searches crimnal history for the county in which the subject resides. Information about the arrest, booking, and charges may be available.
  •   Sex Offender Registry Search
    Returns name, AKA's, address, date of birth, hair color, eye color, sex, height, weight, race, offense date, conviction date, victim's age. A photograph of the offender will also be returned, if available.
  •   Professional License Search
    Professional License records include: full name, address, license number, state, status, type, profession/board, sex, phone number, issue, expiration, and last renewal date.
  •   Motor Vehicle Search
    Find motor vehicle records that detail owner, registrant, and lien holder information, as well as vehicle data. This search includes boats, trailers, RVs and aricraft.
  •   Florida Accident Search
    Records include: name, record type, address, accident date and number, VIN, and tag number.
  •   Property Search
    Find property assessment records such as seller name, all applicable addresses, land usage, sale and recording date, sale amount, assessed value, parcel number and other owner(s) information.
  •   Countywide Civil Court Search
    Find Civil Courts records including the following information: case title and type, plaintiff/petitioner, defendant/respondent, attorney, state of origin, city, state, and jurisdiction.
  •   Foreclosure Search
    Foreclosure records return the following information: plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) name, defendant(s) Social Security Number, site address, deed type, and recording date.
  •   Statewide Crimnal Records
    Searches crimnal history for the state in which the subject resides. Information about the arrest, booking, and charges may be available.
  •   Nationwide Crimnal Records
    Searches crimnal history for the entire U.S. Information about the arrest, booking, and charges may be available.
  •   Death Record Search
    The Social Security Death Index provides information about deceased individuals. Con arists love to assume the identity of deceased persons.
  •   People at Work Search
    We search more than 250 million records to find officers, directors, small business owners, and possible employees.
  •   Arrest & Incarceration Search
    Find the details of any arrest and booking. The search covers nearly 85% of the arrests in the United States.
  •   Bankruptcy Search
    Bankruptcy records include debtor (and additional debtor) name, Social Security Number, address, case number, date filed, court location, and filing type.
  •   Lien & Judgment Search
    Lien and Judgment records include: debtor name and address, creditor name, case number, filing type and date, amount, book/page, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), release date, original case number, and serial/cert. number.
  •   Drivers License Search
    Is he really only 45 years old? This will nail it. Results may include: name, address, county, date of birth, sex, race, attention flag, restrictions, expiration and issue date, endorsements, motorcycle code, license type and number, hair and eye color, height, and weight.
  •   Concealed Weapon Permit Search
    Is he carrying? Concealed Weapon Permit searches may include: full name, address, gender, date of birth, ethnicity, licens
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